CD for OS/2 developers kits etc

CD for OS/2 developers kits etc

Post by Gregory Youngblo » Wed, 25 Nov 1992 06:47:37

I've been seeing the bits about CD roms and developer kits and such...what
I would like to know is how I can get on the developer list and get these
CDs.  If this is old info or on the FAQ, please excuse this post, but I
honestly dont know the answers, and dont have the FAQ. :(

I'd like to find out how to get on the developers program, how much it costs,
how to get these CD ROMS, and such things.

Please respond in email.

I appreciate this


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1. IBM DEVELOPER SUPPORT: TCP/IP-2.0 PGM Kit & PMX Client Kit Licensing?

I am in the process of porting Sun UNIX/X11R5/Motif based client applications
to run under OS/2 2.1 GA using TCP/IP-2.0 Programmer Kit and PMX Client Kit.

I need advice from IBM indicating whether my applications may be provided to
end users in binary executable form with IBM provided libraries (socket lib,
X11R5 lib, and/or Motif lib) included either static or dynamic linked w/ my
executable binary file images.  

The underlaying question here is whether any X11R5 (and/or Motif) application
can be made available in usable form to end users who have purchased only the
TCP/IP-2.0 Base Kit and PMX Server Kit.  If these two end user kits include
DLLs for the socket, xlib, and motif libraries required to execute my code we
avoid needing to ship either static or dynamic linked versions of these files.

On the other hand, if we need to ship executable binaries with static versions
of these three libraries included in my executable code or dynamic versions of
these three libraries along with my executable code then we may have licensing
problems.  Hence the question of how to package PMX clients so that they would
be usable by end users who should not need to the purchase developer libraries.

Hopefully we can avoid the problem of having to tell potential end users they
have to acquire what should be unnecessary developer kits to access:

    o  socket library (TCP/IP-2.0 Programmer's Kit = $550)
    o  X11R5 (PMX Client Kit = $195)
    o  Motif (Motif Client Kit = $195)

Ideally end users should only have to acquire the usual end user TCP/IP kits:

    o  Base Kit = $230
    o  PMX Server Kit = $195

So, bottom line, what do licensing restrictions imply about the cost which an
end user would have to pay in order to use X11R5/Motif applications developed
by other people interested in sharing software ported at other academic sites?

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