Good news/mail programs

Good news/mail programs

Post by Christopher W. Van All » Fri, 28 Apr 1995 04:00:00

What is a good news program for OS/2 that can read threads, and has the
ability to decode on the fly?  Also is there a better mail program than
Ultimail Lite?   I can't get it to work correctly.  When I get my mail
it puts it into another directory... Any suggestions?

1. A good newsreader and a good mail program


:>:>I know this question has been asked a million times but, could someone please
:>:>direct me to a good newsreader and or mail program for OS/2. I'm using the
:>Known OS/2 PM Mail and News Programms:
:>PMMAIL, current version 1.1 (My favorite).
:>Post Mail Reader.

Actually, it is "Post Road Mailer".  :)


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