OS/2 Redirector Info Request

OS/2 Redirector Info Request

Post by David Feust » Fri, 21 Dec 1990 08:57:47

I'm looking for information about OS/2 redirectors. Please email if you
have some. Thanks.
David Feustel, 1930 Curdes Ave, Fort Wayne, IN 46805, (219) 482-9631
EMAIL: netcom.uucp

1. REQUEST: DoD organizations using OS/2 info


I have been requested by a client to research and provide a list of
those Department of Defense (DoD) organizations that are using
OS/2 or plan to use OS/2 in 1996 and beyond.  This information will be used
to assist in making decisions about a 32-bit operating system for the future.
The choices have been narrowed down to OS/2 and NT.

I would appreciate responses as postings here in this newsgroup or eMail
responses for this information.  Thanks in advance.

----Pat Victorio, TeamOS/2

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