Graphics Conversion: GIF|JPEG --> BMP --> shows up good, but hope to do better

Graphics Conversion: GIF|JPEG --> BMP --> shows up good, but hope to do better

Post by Dwight J » Wed, 06 Apr 1994 13:30:06

I use PMJPEG to convert the images to OS/2-2.0 bitmap format, choosing
the option to map to the pre-selected OS/2 system colors, which are
at most 256 colors.

However, I hope to do better.  Using CSHOW.exe I can display a picture
in 640 x 480 with 65536 colors on my XGA.

I entered the "system setup" folder and selected the "system" program
to look at my "screen options".  I have only 2:

                     640 x 480 x 256 (<-- currently using this option)
                     640 x 400 x 256.

Right now, I am confined to 256 colors even though my machine is capable
of displaying 65536 colors in the hi resolution mode.  Is there a way
to force OS/2 to use the 640 x 480 x 65536 mode?

Please respond by e-mail.



Graphics Conversion: GIF|JPEG --> BMP --> shows up good, but hope to do better

Post by jean saf » Tue, 19 Apr 1994 23:13:24

Does anyone know how to get them? Is asking the company that
makes them the only way or can they be downloaded from somewhere?

Thanx for any response.


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1. Graphics Conversion: GIF|JPEG --> BMP --> still shows up like @#$%$#%!! on OS/2 2.1's lockup-mode

Thanks for all the responses.  I figured out the solution for
Windows 3.1.  In order for Windows to use the highest resolution on
my VGA card, the colors are limited to 16, a palette of 16.
I used Alchemy to discover/extract the palette set by Windows and
then converted my 32 color image to a 16-color image, using that palette.
It was as easy as

            alchemy kaori.gif -f leaves.bmp -w -o

where "leaves.bmp" is loaded with Windows 3.1 and contains the
Windows-set palette.  (It is extracted "leaves.bmp".  Understand?)

But I still have one unresolved issue--about OS/2.  I have an IBM PC
running OS/2 2.1 and an IBM XGA card (and XGA driver).  I used alchemy
to convert my 256-color GIF to an OS/2 BitMaP.

Again, the colors are all messed up.  I get the same problem with XV.
If I convert the image to a gray-scale image with 256 levels of gray,
then the image is okay.

When I convert the GIF (with either XV or alchemy or any other conversion
program) to a 256-color BMP, the image's colors are screwed.  The image is
being displayed as the lockup-image.  By "lockup", I mean that I can lock up
the screen with a password; the desktop disappears, leaving a *.BMP
picture in its place.  

Instead of displaying the stupid "OS/2" *.BMP image, I want to see an image
of a pretty girl's face.  So, I'm converting the GIF to a 256-color BMP.

I *KNOW* that my XGA card is capable of displaying up to 65536 colors
simultaneously.  I've displayed that GIF using, say CompuShow, many times;
the image is completely normal--in beautiful 256 colors.

With regards to the OS/2 2.1 bitmap, What the hell am I
doing wrong?  How can I remedy the situation?

Please respond by e-mail.  Thanks.


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