PMSHell - losing the upper left button.

PMSHell - losing the upper left button.

Post by George Vor » Sun, 27 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I occasionally experience the following:

1) I am unable to close my PMShell windows by double-clicking on the
upper-left corner or selecting close (from pull-down or task-list).

2) The upper-left corner sometimes disappears and I have only a title bar
in my windows.

Any ideas?


1. LOST top left button & Archie beta wont install

I was happy to see Archie in the list of Software updates.
It did what it was supposed to, but the search results
window drew with the title bar off the top of the screen.

Now there is Archie Beta, but although I downloaded it,
and shutdown 2x, it wouldnt install.

Also, the title bar of my most used program has now been
moved off the top of the screen and stuck there with just a
few pixels of the 'Dial' & 'Hang Up' buttons visible :-(

so, 2 question I would love to know the answers to;

How can I hack titlebar-less windows back on the (visible) scrren?

How do I make sure Archie Beta installs properly?

Any replies much appreciated, as I cannot understand Turkish Tech
Support.  Many thanks


based in Istanbul, Turkey

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