WIN-OS2: system crash after service.

WIN-OS2: system crash after service.

Post by Chris Russe » Thu, 12 Nov 1992 15:05:00

This is just for reference in case someone out there is collecting
information on OS/2 crashes after the service pack install. It only
happened to me once, quite soon after installing the service pack.
I tried to activate a WIN-OS2 session and got the following error:

<registers omitted but I have them if someone wants them>

The system detected an internal processing error at location
0160:FFF6459E - OOOD:959E
60000, 9084
Internal revision 6.466, 92/10/15

(obviously I don't have a maintenance contract with IBM so I can't
inform them of my system failure)

Chris Russell


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I accidentally installed win32s v1.30c (I thought I had v1.25a)
over WIN-OS2.  To correct the problem, I uninstalled WIN-OS2.  I also deleted
any other files I could find that were in reference to win32s v1.30c.  After
rebooting, I reinstalled WIN-OS2; however, when I attempt to open a WIN-OS2
session, I get a trap 000e.

Floyd Adams

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