good conversion program

good conversion program

Post by Jesus M. Rodrigu » Thu, 08 Jul 1993 10:11:45

I would like to know of a good conversion program to convert SUN audio file (*.au)
to Wave files (*.wav)  any ideas?



good conversion program

Post by Timothy F. Sippl » Thu, 08 Jul 1993 11:59:27

Quote:>I would like to know of a good conversion program to convert SUN audio file (*.au)
>to Wave files (*.wav)  any ideas?

I believe the Sox utility (available via anonymous ftp from will perform this conversion (and others).

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good conversion program

Post by Engineering Undergrad Socie » Thu, 08 Jul 1993 17:00:55

     There is a program called SOX that can be found on Hobbes for both
dos and os/2.  The current os/2 version is called I believe.
I just got taken out of the incoming directory.  I'm not usre where it is
now.  I can convert several types and do several effects, such as resampling
at different rates.  This is useful for storing sound files, as they take up
less space at a lower sample rate.  I wrote a rexx script that uses sox to
take a file stored at 8kHz sampling and convert it to 22kHz then play it,
and then erase the temp files.  That is located in os2/2_x/mmedia.

Its called



1. Weird Programming Problems - errors from good good

This weekend I was converting a colorful graphics program written for
OS/2 - Vio full screen graphics to DOS full screen, (My daughters
machine still uses dos/windoze) and ran into an interesting problem
and I'm wondering if anyone else has ever encounter something like
this before.

After replacing the vio calls with dos graphics functions I got an
error message that when something like: found a { but expected a ;.

I looked thought all the code and could find anything wrong so I
started remarking out sections and compiling. When the following code
was remarked out the program compiled without error (of course it did

      if ((y<200) && ((_getpixel(x,y)!=GROUND) || (t<prl)))  {

           else {  prt[p][4]=-2; }

The thing that is strange is that I retyped it in just like it was
(is) and it worked. when I remarked the new section, unremarked the
old, same error. Could there have been a character embedded in the
file which didn't show on the screen causing the problem?

Reminded me of a program I wrote years ago in a computer math class in
college. It was a short, maybe 40 lines, GW-basic program with several
imbedded for-next loops. I kept getting a "next without for" message.
The numbers of for matched the number of next. The proffessor couldn't
figure it out either but when I left the last next out, it worked.
(FWIW my syntax was simple next not next i so that wasn't a problem. I
did try to match them that way also but kept getting the same error).


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