OS/2 for Windows vs OS/2 2.1, WAV playing from CMD file

OS/2 for Windows vs OS/2 2.1, WAV playing from CMD file

Post by Alok K. Dh » Sun, 20 Feb 1994 13:13:05

Hello all...

I am considering side-grading to OS/2 for Windows (to replace the standard 2.1
product) in order to free up 15 megs of HD space.  I am concerned that the OS/2
for Windows product may be less compatible.  Can I expect any incompatibilities
os does it work just as before?

Also, I have written a small REXX script to check to see if I have new mail
(called it biff.cmd for obvious reasons) and I use CRON/2 to execute it every
five minutes.  For those of you that are curious, it works by checking for the
existence of a file matchine '*.NDX' in the /tcpip/etc/mail directory (which
only exists when there is unread mail).  If such a file exists, it plays a WAV
file to alert me to the fact.  Currently I am using the 'play' cmd file included
with MMOS/2 to play the WAV file, but this cmd file is rather inefficient.  It
actually loads a command shell before it plays and seems to churn the disk more
than necessary (I have 32mb ram).  The play command is called as follows:

'detach play file='wavfile

Obviously, wavfile has been earlier set to the file I want it to play.  My
question:  Is there any easier, more efficient way to play a WAV file from a CMD

Thanks for any help...

 | Al Dhir                              /___\  Internet Access Group, Inc    |



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Please help, thank you in advance.


Please E-MAIL ME !!!!! Thanks.

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