Memory-mapped driver for OS/2

Memory-mapped driver for OS/2

Post by Cindy Ro » Tue, 17 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Quote:>I am trying to develop a memory-mapped driver for a frame-grabber card
>under OS/2 Warp in Assembler.

There was an article in Dr. Dobb's Journal, October 1990,
that I think may be relevant to what you are trying to do.


(These opinions are just mine, I only represent myself, etc.)


1. Memory-mapped device driver

I would like to write an OS/2 device driver to access memory in an image
processing board which was 1 MB of onboard memory. The board can be
set up to be mapped into a 64K window under 1Mb mark, or to a 1MB linear
space above 1Mb mark. I would like to use the later mode of operation.

I was reading the "Writing OS/2 Device drivers in C" in which this two
froms of memory mapping are mentioned. The example provided only shows the
set up a for the 64K window though. I thought of modifing the driver
to use a larger space but the PhystoUVirt function only takes a USHORT
as a size parameter. I presume this is not the currect appoach.

Any suggenstions will be appeciated.


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