OS/2 will not run a DOS box anymore!

OS/2 will not run a DOS box anymore!

Post by Zak Smi » Fri, 01 Jan 1993 10:49:00

  I hope someone can help me here..

  Os2 had not been letting me use the ShutDown selection on the main menu
for a while and that was no big deal.  Now my Dos box and my Booted dos
session no longer work!  It says something to the effect that there is not
enough memory and asks if I want to go into the Setup.  Well, this all
worked before, and I don't think I changed anything that would do this.  I
had been using the SP update, but I just re-installed from the orig. disks
to see if that would help; it didn't.

 I would appreciate any help you can offer! (by email)


1. INTERSVR does not run in a DOS box

Can anyone explain why INTERSVR.EXE does not work in an OS/2 WARP DOS
box?  Since DOS 6, INTERSVR.EXE, and its companion program
INTERLNK.EXE allow two computer to connect either via a serial port or
a parallel port.

INTERSVR.EXE loads, and exits right away at the DOS prompt.  If I run
it under DEBUG, the message "Program completed processing." is
displayed.  Moreover the value in the AL register is 0 meaning that
either INTERLNK.EXE does not give a return code or INTERLNK.EXE worked

Jean Castonguay
lectrocommande Pascal

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