Robust? I think so.

Robust? I think so.

Post by Otto Tenna » Sun, 17 May 1992 02:40:45

I have installed OS/2 in the "Dual Boot" mode.  Running Kermit 3.11 in
a DOS full-screen window, I kicked it into wide screen mode (telling
my Unix host TERM=vt100-w).

Not thinking too much about what I was doing, I keyed ALT-ESC so I
could see what was on my local disk (too much, but that's a different

It worked.  OS/2 seems to be aware of the skinny character mode.  It
displayed the Workplace Shell desktop in a subset of the screen; the
icons are rectangular rather than square, but all capabilities are
there --- even the mouse works.

All things considered, I would have expected OS/2 to complain.  While
what it did surprised me ...

Samuel Johnson (I believe, as quoted by Boswell) once remarked that
the amazing thing about a dancing bear is not how well it is done, but
that it is done at all.

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1. What IBM's Thinking (I think)

I was thinking the other day that I've _almost_ found a reason for that
IBM's doing.

IBM has realized that it's a large-systems company. It knows how to
support medium & large accounts. IBM understands it doesn't know how to
serve the SOHO or consumer user beyond being a "me, too" Win95-based
system vendor. It knows who it is and with OS/2 Warp Server v3.0 & OS/2
Warp Client v4.0 (later being tested as MERLIN) it is offering a package
that can complete with NT Server & Workstation 4.0 in the market Microsoft
it targeting the hardest: medium & large accounts.

IBM knows these accounts & knows they can support the extra costs of
moving to either NT or Warp when it comes to hardware & support. I believe
this is why IBM claims to have abandon the consumer as Warp user and gone
with the only 32-bit x86 consumer OS, Windows 95, for its fall Aptiva
line. (I was told, again by the local rep, Thinkpads will not be Merlin
upgradable without special diskettes from IBM & that Thinkpads will likely
ship Win95 only--can anyone confirm this???) IBM knows it can do well with
Warp if IBM plays its cards correctly and leaves the rest for Microsoft.

Could it be that JavaBeans will replace OpenDOC? If OpenDOC support
continues to erode in favor of ActiveX, Apple will be hurt the worst--it
could be a fatal blow.

I'm not saying I agree with this (or believe it)... it's just something
that came to mind the other day.
      Ed Deans
TeamOS2 & ClubOpenDOC

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