Post by Wayne » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 22:54:37

I'm running OS/2 2.1 (I'm waiting for Warp and WIN-OS/2) with a
SB-16 MCD and a Sony CDU-33A CD-ROM.

I managed to set everything up and get it all running.  However, when
I boot up OS/2 in boot manager, most of the time OS/2 is unable
to correctly set up my SB-16 or my CD-ROM.  In order to get things work-
ing, I need to boot up in DOS (boot-manager) and use the DOS drivers
for these devices and then reboot into OS/2.  After doing that,
everything works fine.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this?


PS.  Please reply directly and I'll post a summary.


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I have a SB16-MCD with a Mitsumi double speed and it works great right
out of the box (well, I did need a beta driver for the CDROM).  The sound
card should be recognized, I know it is supported.  I am running Warp so
maybe it's just a case of you aren't using the most up to date drivers.  
Try the SB BBS, they probably have the latest drivers.



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