Netbios in DOS Box

Netbios in DOS Box

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Can anybody please advice me on how to get Netbios support in a DOs box



1. NetBios over TCP/IP under OS/2 -- How to access from DOS Box (VDM)?

I am desperately attempting to setup an OS/2 workstation running an
IBM LANServer 4.0 Requester to access our WAN.  The protocol
stack on the server side is netbios over tcp/ip, which I  
have configured using MPTS successfully for OS/2 sessions.
In an OS/2 session, I am able to use "net" to find servers,
route drives, printers, etc.  

My luck when running DOS boxes (vdm's) is much less, unfortunately.

I have loaded ltsvcfg per the (scant) instructions that IBM provided.
Since I am using tcp/ip, I use the "d=1" rather than "d=0" parm.
I am able to access some netbios applications from DOS. For example,
optinet (networked cdrom) works very nicely.  Most applications,  
however, fail to recognize netbios as present, or cannot properly use it.

In particular, EICON's access product, and NETCIT both fail.

EICON loads the client (eclan start client /cname %username%)  
without any problem.  But, running "eclan use /sname %server%"  
gives the error "ECUSE server not found" even though the
server is accessible from straight DOS (using dual boot).
Running "locate" gives an error "cannot access socket 0f".
Running eclancfg gives an error "server table not found."

NETCIT gives an error that states netbios is not responding

Finally, I am unable to start a DOS redirector from within
a VDM.  Issuing the usual "net start basic" command gives
an "Error 54" which is translated to mean that there are no
available network resources -- which is obviously wrong.

Any ideas?  Please copy me via email if possible.  Thanks.

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