A Question

A Question

Post by Douglas Mu » Wed, 06 Apr 1994 10:07:34

Hi, I think Next's NextStep OS is great, but it seems that not many
people have it, among other reasons, because of its high price.  Now
that Next Inc. is releasing the system independent features of NextStep
(the spec. is called OpenStep), there's a way to fix this.  I've been
studying the effects of an OpenStep implementation for one of my classes
and it seems that people might like to use such a system if they could
afford it.  Along these lines, some friends and I have started to think
about starting a software company to write an inexpensive yet well
designed OpenStep implementation.  We know about "gnustep," but think
that an OS has a better chance of succeeding if it has a company behind
it.  However, it would be stupid to go through all the work to write
such a thing if nobody would want it, so I'd like to get some feeback
from the net communitiy.

Lets suppose that our final product is as much of a NextStep clone as
possible (to be determined by the OpenStep spec, but most NextStep
features should be included).  It probably will not be binary compatible
with Next's NextStep, but in most cases a simple recompile will do the
trick.  It should also have the same feel and features as NextStep (such
as display postscript & same GUI) but will *not* have things like
Renderman, Pantone color, and possibly a mach based unix, which would be
too expensive to license.  Instead we would use something like linux and
fix it up to commercial levels.  We would also use DPS on top of X
windows so your standard X programs would run on this too.  If this
product was priced at or around $100, would you buy it?  Also, what are
the most important factors involved in your decision?  GUI, number of
available applications, power, user friendliness, price, hardware
requirements, compatability with other OS's (windows emulator), etc.?  I
will *NOT*, repeat *NOT*, use your response to form a list of potential
customers unless you explicitly ask me to.

We think that there are three types of people who might want this, 1)
people who want nextstep but can't afford it, 2) people who use unix at
work and want it at home but want a nicer interface so their family can
use it too, 3) hacker/techie/student types like ourselves.

- Doug Muir


1. Questions, questions and more questions

Hello everyone,

I am a newcomer to both OS/2 Warp ( after many months of trial and error
I was finally able to install it on my system) and news groups.

I have many questions regarding FixPacks.  I hope someone outthere can
shed a little bit of light on them:

1. I understand that there are different FixPacks for each language. I
am using a French language version of OS/2 Warp 3.0.  How can I tell
wether I am using the French version (from France) or the
French-Canadian version?

2. I have already downloaded the No.32 French-Canadian FixPack (I
haven't installed it since I am unsure I have the right FixPack). The
readme file says that No.30 FixPack is a pre-requisit!!!

a. Where can I find it?

b. Should I expect No.30 to ask for No.27 to be installed first...And
then, will No.27 ask for No.25...And then, will No.25 ask for
No.21...And so on?

3. A couple days ago, I watched again the VHS of David Barnes (showing
an OS/2 Warp 3.0 installation) and noticed that the windows on his
version had a third button in the upper right corner.  That button (X)
permitted the closing of the window by a single click.  Is that a
freeware or shareware of some sort OR can I expect to see it pop up
after installation of some FixPack as part of an enhancement of the
shell? (Remember that I am running OS/2 Warp 3.0 with NO FixPack at this

4. Finally what does APAR stand for?

Thank you for your time.

Serge Desaulniers

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