FP1 wont install on a fresh Warp 4 install (re-install).

FP1 wont install on a fresh Warp 4 install (re-install).

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Recently re-installed Warp 4.  Had problems I thought were from having too many
improper shutdowns.

Did a LONG format of the HPFS partition, re-installed Warp 4, re-installed Matrox
drivers (2.040 i think), re-installed M$ Office, EccoPro (16 bit) and the most recently
released Netscape/2.

When I try to do use the web version of the fix...which I had done successfully once
before...I get a quick (under 10% installed) message saying the process is complete
and it is cleaning up.  I press "ok" and then a SYS3170 (not 3175) error message
pops; it's the DOSCALL1.DLL problem.  

I purposely did NOT log on to Netware before begining the FP install process.  I got the
error,  thinking it was related to Netware (??) and then logged on to NW and made
an explicit logoff.

Re-tried, same error.

The error happens when working from the SOFTWARE UPDATES (WEBEX) and when
I use NS/2 (after downloading the unzip.dll (\tcpipp\dll dir) and the rsuinst.exe
(\netscape dir) files.

'Been looking through Frank McKenny's "Applying Service to OS/2 Warp (nice doc!!),
but so far haven't seen what I'm doing wrong.

Obviously I'll be going over the doc again tonight, but if you have any clues...I'm




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 OS/2 prompt, run FDISK, then add the OS/2 partition to the Boot Manager menu. Reboot from the hard drive and you should be in busin=
ess again.

I did that and still no luck. I suspect something is wrong with the boot manager
installation. I"m working from copies, and maybe They got hosed.

I'll try from the originals (or make new copies).

The exact message I get right after the re-boot following disk 6 is
    Operating System Missing, System halted.

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*  NASA - Lewis Reserach Center    *  know what I am talking  *


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