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I have a CHINON CDS-431 CD-ROM drive, SCSI interface, Can Anyone tell me
if its possible to get this OS/2 to recognize this CD-ROM?

I have only been able to get it to work under a VDM, but since I run a DOS
BBS that access it, I don't like having to run the BBS in a VDM, since it
locks the BBS when someone tries a game door.

Also, How can DOS door programs be run from Maximus/2 by using OS2YOU?

Any info. appreciated.
                                                ...Carlos Legarreta

Reply by mail if possible.

        Carlos Legarreta
        University of Massachusetts, Amherst



1. Chinon CD-ROM drives connected to Proprietary Chinon card

The ReadMe file for Warp states that the Chinon CD-ROM drives are supported
but not when connected to Chinon's card.  It also states that Chinon is working
on a driver for their proprietary card. This info is dated October 1993.

Does anybody know if Chinon has built said driver yet?? And if so, where I
might be able to get a copy?? and if not, does anybody have a number for
Chinon Tech. Support??

as often as I should.

Thanks in advance.


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