can't install Warp v3, similar to Mark McFArland's problem

can't install Warp v3, similar to Mark McFArland's problem

Post by Ston » Fri, 19 Apr 1996 04:00:00

I was cruising this news group from w4w3.11 because i can't get os/2 to
install on my main machine, a 486DX/2-66. i read MArk's problem and found
it to be very similar to mine. when i give it diskette number one, it
loads all of teh drivers and then tries to start "the session,"
presumably so that it can copy the files and set itself up. but then, it
starts into a loop. it keeps going back over the same spot on the
diskette as if looking for something. i called IBM tech support and they
told me to get WARPINST, well i did, and it hasn't done me any good.

please help, i have W95 on three other of my computers, and i HATE it!
but i can't live with an os that won't install--that can cause problems
when one tries to use it [sarcastic emphasis added ;-)]
and then there's w4w, it's just win+net and still stinks! :-(


i'll email specifcs of my system to anyone who asks for them.
thanx, |-)

Aaron Stone
Hey--It's Windoze95, from the guys who brought us EDLIN;
        Go Figure...


1. Warp 4 install problem - can't 'operate' hard drive

Has anyone run into this?

        I am installing WARP 4 onto the first partition (200 Megs HPFS)
on my second (5 Gig) hard drive.

        This has been partitioned under OS/2 Fdisk and shows as being
installable. I also reformat it during the installation as HPFS.

        The install goes fine and reads from the CD and copies to the
hard drive without problem.  The system then examines my hardware and
then reboots my system, at which point it gives the message 'unable to
operate the hard drive or diskette'.

        The partition is correctly set as installable under Boot Manager
and therefore appears to be OK (ie within 1023 cylinders, etc).  The
install reads from my CD fine, so it is not that.  I have checked the
config.sys left on the install drive, and there does not appear to be
anything particularly unusual.

        The hard drive is set to Normal in the CMOS, not LBA (but then
so is the my first drive which has four bootable partitions which all
boot without problem.)  The second drive has been operating fine as a
data drive for about 6 months, and boots Linux fine from a subsequent
partition on the second drive.  This is the first hint that I might not
have something set right, but what?

        Anyone have any thoughts on this?

(hardware -> Cyrix 166, 1 Meg S3 PCI video, 32 Megs Ram, SB16, Zip drive)
Hugh Campbell
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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