Chip&Tech Memory mapping

Chip&Tech Memory mapping

Post by Harald Fragn » Sat, 25 Apr 1992 08:08:32

Is it possible to remap the memory between 640 and 1024KB to a location
over 1024KB so that OS/2 can use the memory?  I have a 386DX with C&T
chipset.  (82301, 302 and 306)  There is a big difference between 4 Megs
and 4 Megs - 384K when running OS/2 2.0.



1. Toshiba Chips&Tech Video problem, HELP

I ran a Performance Plus test on T2100 notebook that now has Warp running
and got a warning that the Video card should be replaced.
This is not possible.
Is there any updated driver that solves this problem, or should I try to
 get a replacement.
If anyone knows about this Chips&Technology   linear8.drv   V 3.8
Please send e-mail.
Thanks for any suggestions

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