ftp-os2(hobbes) down

ftp-os2(hobbes) down

Post by Dave Roc » Thu, 14 Jan 1993 10:12:35

        ftp-os2(hobbes) went down today because of what appears to be a
        hardware failure. This may actually be a OS error due to execessive
        network traffic. Since 2.1 got put on ftp-os2, traffic has jumped. I
        will try to monitor it more frequently for the next few days and see
        if we are experiencing problems. Be patient. I can't monitor it
        continuously, unfortunately, but if there is a problem I will try to
        minimise downtime.

1. Is Hobbes/ftp-os2 down?

It's just tuned into Sunday morning about 15 minutes ago.....so I reckon it's
08:15 Saturday morning EST....and I haven't been able to get onto hobbes all

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