BUG REPORT - WebX 1.02 Install forces re-install of AU support

BUG REPORT - WebX 1.02 Install forces re-install of AU support

Post by ssid.. » Tue, 04 Jul 1995 04:00:00

I reported that the Webx 1.02 install, and all the betas that I have tried, require that I
re-install the AU file support everytime. I posted a question regarding this on CIS and
received the following reply:
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428380 S20/Internet IAK (BP)
    03-Jul-95  17:07:05
Sb: #427728-Webex install & .AU/MM
Fm: The TEAMIBM Network 72370,250
To: Stanley Sidlov 75056,3347

It should be transparent. I've seen one or two people report that this happens. The developers frequent comp.os.os2.networking.tcpip; I suggest you post that you hare having this problem there as that would be the fastest way to bring it to their attention.

Bruce Ide (IBM) Boca Electronic Support Team

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I  have noticed that someone else has reported this, and that re-install was suggested
from a fellow user.  As Bruce says, this however, should be transparent, and not require
a re-install, as what happens is that you lose any custom Light Tables that you may
have created.

Pls, fix for next go-around.  In the meantime, 1.02 is great! (IMO, of course)



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