TeamOS2 home page at Spring Comdex

TeamOS2 home page at Spring Comdex

Post by Richard Cla » Thu, 27 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Here is the location:

Alot of materail about what is going on, what it is like etc.

check it out.


1. Spring Comdex: Nice Try Fall Comdex:??

At Spring Comdex, the Nice Try t-shirt came out,
just to do some fun needling?

Is anything hitting the floor this comdex for
OS/2 SE for Windoze 3.1?


        Soft Drink Can

        Diet OS/2  or OS/2 Lite
        now Gatefree

        "All the power with none
         of those unwanted royalities"

just a few thoughts....Team OS/2. Are you out there???

Jon C Austin                 |"Those who can dOS/2. Those who can't, NTeach."

Appalachain State University |    hogging interrupt handler.
Boone, NC                    |"Friends dont let friends do Windows"  

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