??? MULTI-EDIT lite --- DOS-Settings ???

??? MULTI-EDIT lite --- DOS-Settings ???

Post by Steven Kee » Tue, 07 Feb 1995 06:04:46

Greetings everybody,

I just downloaded MULTI-EDIT Lite from my local BBS and would like to use it.
However, it does not run in a DOS-Session in WARP (YET).

I've used the professional version at work and think its great.  I no
longer work there and don't have access to a copy anymore ;( .

If anybody has managed to get Lite going in warp I would appreciate the help.
Could you tell me what your DOS-Settings are?

I've already done a DUAL boot to DOS and checked if Lite works...it does ;).
Also, I looked in Lite's help and found some command line switches for
OS2, DESQVies and Windows.  They haven't fixed the problem :< .
Could you also tell me what command line switches you've used, if any ?



1. Followup: Multi-Edit OK!

I'd posted about having troubles with this *great* editor under the 2.1
beta.  Shame on me!  The problem was just a symptom of the 2.1 "SET
DELDIR" bug.  I'd restored my autoexec.bat from a pre-2.1 backup and
neglected to REM the DELDIR statement.  So, ME crashed when it went to
overwrite earlier versions of macros, system settings, etc.

All is well now.  Just wish that Borland had bought American Cybernetics
instead of Brief so they could port Multi-Edit to be the default IDE editor
under BC++.  I know.  I'm dreaming.  

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  Seattle-King County Department of Public Health
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