Linux mindshare

Linux mindshare

Post by vladi.. » Wed, 19 Jun 1996 04:00:00

>>I just made three web queries using Digital's AltaVista search engine:
>>1)     "windows95" "windows 95"
>>2)      "windowsnt" "windows nt"
>>3)      "linux"

>>and got these word counts:

>>windows 95      127446 + 700000        =  827446       %33
>>windows nt       16706 + 400000        =  416706       %17
>>(windows summary)                      = 1244152       %50
>>linux          1265987                 = 1265987       %50

>>"windows 95" and "windows nt" queries are probably overestimates,
>>because of loose matching.

>>Need I say more?

>Yes, ever considered that Windows NT might be typed with a space,
>abreviated to WinNT or called just NT. Linux on the other hand has no
>abreviation that I'm aware of.

No, Linux doesn't seem to have abbreviations, but altavista is a case-
sensitive, so, to be fair, we should try LiNUX, Linux and linux and LINUX,
I saw some spell it many ways.

BTW, I noticed that most of Linux hits were mailing list archives and source

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Quote:>Before you start a flame, I just posted this for balance as I've used
>linux and been happy.



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You know, you gotta hand it to MS re: marketing.  I got into a discussion
with a completely clueless co-worker today.  The focus of the discussion
was how Bill Gates should be called in to "work his magic" on us because
he obviously knows how to do the right things.

Discounting that starting premise, she used the example that "everyone
uses windows" "people stood in line when Win95 came out to buy it" and
every PC she's ever seen had MS-DOS on it as the arguements bvuttressing
her contention that Gates and MS are obviously the pinnacle of "computers".

To her, there are no alternatives, nor any need for alternatives.  
Because Gates wouldn't be wealthy if MS wasn't obviously providing people
with what they want.

Trust me when I say that there are millions like her, who walkinto Best
Buy and buy a PC and see nothing but Win95 and "know" that they have made
a good choice and don't know what the fuss is about.

Nothing but marketing will ever get through such a mindset and IBM hasn't
been able to even dent it.

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