Removable Syquest Drive Corruption

Removable Syquest Drive Corruption

Post by Bruce LaZer » Thu, 21 May 1998 04:00:00

Rarely, for no apparent reason, the 1.5MB, HPFS formatted, removable drive
in our Syquest Syjet loses its marbles, or, to be more specific, it loses
its root directory, at least according to the command-line version of

When the drive is in this weird condition, the WPS version of Chkdsk pops
up an unintelligible info box full of nonsense, which is pretty scary, so I
cancel it. Also, if I have the removable drive set to be autochecked in
Config.sys, OS/2 comes to grinding halt with a Trap D system crash. Also
pretty scary, so I've stopped doing that too.

However the command line version of chkdsk does seem to fix the problem. I
end up with all my old directories as FOUND.OldDirName plus a FOUND file
that looks like it contains references to WP_ROOT in it. I discard the
latter and rename the former and all is well.

We're running Warp4, Fix6 with the recent Idedasd.exe applied.

Any ideas, suggestions?
Bruce LaZerte


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SyQuest removable drive with OS/2 on logical partition

The documentation for the syquest removability support says
this doesn't work.  It tried it.  It doesn't work.

Is there a way to stop OS/2 remapping the logical partition
drive letter (i.e. the boot drive) when it sees the primary
partition on the SyQuest drive?

(I am aware that you can format the SyQuest as a floppy
to avoid this problem).

Currently using Toshiba T2130CS notebook, New Media Bus
Toaster SCSI card, SyQuest 3.5" 270MB drive.


Department of Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering
Monash University, Australia

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