Looking for Warp PCMCIA fix: OS2PCM30.ZIP

Looking for Warp PCMCIA fix: OS2PCM30.ZIP

Post by cra.. » Sun, 30 Apr 1995 04:00:00

I've been wrestling with my AcerNote 760cx, and have resorted to Warp in order
to escape constant DOS/Windows GP faults, EMM386 error #06's, unexplained and
random reboots from within Windows apps, etc. etc. etc.  The good news is that
Warp is rock solid, and my Windows apps (MS Office mostly) no longer crash my
system.  The bad news is that I can't find PCMCIA drivers/socket services for
AcerNotes under Warp, and so I can't use my modem or ethernet cards unless I
reboot DOS and run the gauntlet of system faults and crashes.

I've seen reference to a file called OS2PCM30.ZIP in a related IBM bug fix for AST
laptops.  But when I searched Compuserve, IBM's Watson archives, IBM's BBS, and
everywhere else I could think of, I can't find the file.  Only OS2PCM.ZIP, which has
the drivers for OS/2 2.x.  Anyone have any ideas?


Craig Himmelberger


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