Post by Trevor Tompkin » Sun, 14 Nov 1993 00:45:55

Some questions on these packages.

    I currently program with Visual Basic and Turbo Pascal for Windows.
I make dll libraries with TPW and use Visual Basic for front end stuff.
Depending on the program they tend to be mixtures of Vbasic and Pascal,
some more Vbasic, others more Pascal.  Both Vbasic and TPW compile and
therefore have decent speed.  My understanding is that Rexx does not
compile.  Does Realizer compile?

    Realizer allows import of qbasic code, but I can't imagine that it
allows for import of Vbasic code... or does it?

    How does Realizer handle calls to dll libraries. If you write a
windows package in Realizer that makes a call to a windows dll library,
how can it use that for OS/2?  Most good Vbasic programs use dll's and
windows API's.  If Realizer allows for this in windows, I am extremely
impressed if it can covert this over to OS/2.




Post by STWI.. » Sun, 14 Nov 1993 04:20:37

Realizer does handle calls to dll libraries.  And I don't know how they
do this in OS/2 its suppose to be calling all the OS APIs as appropriate.
No it does not use the VBX files developed for VB.  But you call use any
DLLs written otherwise.  Single line code with extension does the trick.
Steve Wiser


1. IBM cloning VBasic for OS/2, MAC and WIN.

ComputerWorld reports that IBM is working on a Visual Basic clone that
will run on OS/2, the MAC and Windows.

It's due this spring.

What makes this product unqiue is 1) it's cross platform while VB is
not and 2) it will connect to IBM's mainframe and mid-sized databases
while VB does not.

The new VB will be compatible with all 3rd party addons to VB and will
copy the VB l-a-f.  This product is aimed *directly* and the MS client
and is another example of how serious IBM is pushing MS.

        "It's like NT all over again." - Former NY Met baseball coach.


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