Full ANSI Terminal Emulation for *.cmd programs

Full ANSI Terminal Emulation for *.cmd programs

Post by The TEAMIBM Netwo » Sat, 26 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I run applications in OS/2 windows that are derived from the Unix world.
The corresponding window in Unix is an Xterm... which looks like a fully
featured ANSI terminal.

Based on some testing, the OS/2 command window looks like an extremely
crippled ANSI terminal. Is there a way to get a full ANSI feature set? (I
can't believe this got out to customer's.)

Email preferred. I'll summarize results if anything worthwhile turns up.


Joe Garvey


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1. Wanted: Good Terminal Emulation/Modem Program

If anyone has any recommendations for a decent terminal emulation program
for OS/2 I'd be most grateful.  The program should be able to run in a
PM window (without necessarily being a PM program), have accurate VT-100
and ANSI emulations, true YMODEM-Batch file transfer protocol (ZMODEM
also nice), ability to lock the com port at 4800 bps, and generally
bug free operation.

I've tried Logicomm 2.30, PMComm 1.07, TE/2 1.10C, PMQVT 1.0, and
M2ZMODEM.  All are deficient in some way (basically they all have problems
with terminal emulation -- they don't behave well with vi on the Sun
host here).  PMQVT goes farther in that it really is not stable.  And
M2ZMODEM really is not intended for full time standalone operation.

Please send replies via netmail and I'll summarize if interest warrants.


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