Netscape News (Possible port?

Netscape News (Possible port?

Post by Vipin Bharga » Tue, 27 Aug 1996 04:00:00

>>That's why I find the hype for IE 4.0 that's already starting to be kind of
>>funny.  I mean really, do we really want a browser for our desktop??  The
>>comments coming from the "experts" in the press sound exactly like those before
>>BOB was released.  How it will be great for the masses, all written in a very
>>condescending tone.  M$ could survive BOB bombing, but with all that M$ has
>>invested in IE, if it bombs, it could be the beginning of the end for the Evil

>I don't get why the browser should be the interface either.

>Why should it be? I don't see any advantages, what have I missed that will
>make it so great?

>I personally like useing a seperate program, rather than a 'built in' on.

>I mean, if the text editor were to become just a part of the OS, I'd hate it.
>Because I wouldn't be able to replace it with something 'better'.

Perhaps that's the idea?  Kill off competition by making the OS the "browser"?



1. News Server Change possible with NR/2??

Greetings.  I have the IAK running with TIA, and I was wondering if it is
possible to access a news server at a different site (say IBM's).  I have
the IP for the other news server, but when I put it into my slip-pm
notebook, it just starts the one at the local site I dial into.  I tried
setting up a new host entry with the gateway IP of the news host I want,
and it seems to get started, but everytime I start NR/2 it briefly
flashes "Acessing The.News.Host.I.Want..." and then crashes.  

I haven't tried this with Netsuite news yet, but I would appreciate any
suggestions.  I should add that NR/2 works just fine with the local
server, but there are some groups I can't get at that site....  <g>



I would rather be a foolish optimist than a correct pessimist.

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