Shadows, shadows...

Shadows, shadows...

Post by WD Loughm » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

From time to time, I've mended the contents of removable media.  
During that process, I've used the 'drives' object(s) to display the
media content.
The plural 'object(s)' means I've used either or both of the Drives
object in the System folder and the Drives 'shadow' in the WarpCenter.

Sometimes they do _not_ give the same result.

For example, once I had the WC 'Drives' come up stuttering, with error
msgs,  and showing "(no objects)"; while the System folder 'Drives'
came up with a perfectly good blank window, and no stuttering.

This has happened when there were files on the media as well.  The WC
shadow 'Drives' says "(no objects)", while the System folder "Drives"
shows everything correctly.

This has happened (only) with a SCSI CD-R/W drive and a parallel port
ZIP drive.  Anyone else seen something like this?

The 'shadow' object should work like the original, right?
What is The Cosmic Meaning of this?  

WD "Bill" Loughman  -  Berkeley, California  USA

IBM OS/2 Warp 4.5, the reliable OS!


1. OS/2 shadow bug *official* - was 'Shadow of files on network, again??????'

OK, for anyone who's interested, here's an 'official' warp shadow bug.

My problem was that when I created shadows of folders that were on the
network, after rebooting, they had disappeared. In fact after experimentation
I found I could create shadows of servers and volumes but anything below that
would vanish after re-starting.

Posting a message to IBM tech support on compuserve produced this response:

I don't understand what they're going on about regarding the workaround; I
want to create shadows of data-files and folders which don't have changable
path and filename fields!

Bit of a bummer really!


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