Unexpected DOS error: 23

Unexpected DOS error: 23

Post by Markus Quan » Sat, 23 Aug 1997 04:00:00

>(Dammed if I've ever seen an "Expected error, you idiot..." message,
>but still.)  I get the above message when trying to run Mathcad
>from a WinOS2 session, full-screen or windowed.  It used to work until
>the OS/2 drive died and I had to re-install OS/2.   The actual Mathcad
>files weren't re-installed, since they were on another drive; they
>run correctly from Windows 3.1, which is on that drive.  I've given
>all the settings I think it needs, and it shouldn't be short of space.

>Anyway, the message baffles me; I can't find it in any of my references.
>Anyone got a clue handy?


Looks very much like a problem with Win32s support.
Which version does mathcad require? Is this Warp4 or Warp3 with WinOS/2 you
are running, so that all Win3 specific setup files were on
If so, you have to reinstall the Win32s stuff which is NOT the same as Warps
built in support for Win32s - the latter only allows the former to work.

If you are using Warp 3 for Windows, that is, you have a native Win 3.1x
incorporated as "WinOS/2" (which would officially be the wrong terminology,
in fact), then the Win32s files probably reside somewhere in the X:\WINDOWS\*
directory structure, and something else is wrong.

Hope this gives you a clue where to look.

Bye, MQ


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Any help kindly accepted . .

Gordon Newell
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