>16 MB w/OS/2 and COM port problems

>16 MB w/OS/2 and COM port problems

Post by Matthew Crock » Mon, 03 Aug 1992 04:40:13

I currently have OS/2 running on a 486-33 w/8MB.   I will
be getting 16MB (4 x 4 MB SIMMS) in a week or so and when added
to my current system I will have 20 MB on the motherboard.

I remember reading a while back that OS/2 will not see more than 16 MB,
I have also seen the Bug fix on HOBBES.  Currently what is the status of
gt16mb.zoo? is it bug free?  I would rather have 16 MB running smoothly
than have 20 MB crashing.

What will I have to do inorder to tell OS/2 about the new memory?

Also on another note.

I have a Mouse on com 2 and a internal modem on COM 1.

 a week ago I had a system crash while running an Alpha paging program
I had to do a hard reset, and OS/2 would load up the offending program
on a reboot and crash.  I had to reset the desktop to get OS/2 to boot

Now My COM 1 will not work. (it worked before) I already copied
Config.001 to config.sys but still no luck

I also get an error on boot
something like
COM 3 did not install
interrupt vector unavailable.

I don't use COM 3 at the moment but would like to get it running.
my main concern is with the extra memory.

Please respond via e-mail

any advice would be nice



- Matthew Crocker