Hilights from the DevCon 3 CD

Hilights from the DevCon 3 CD

Post by David Charl » Fri, 08 Apr 1994 10:08:42

I just got the third Developer's Connection CD.  It's now a 2-CD set.
(In one normal-sized jewel box.)  Anway, I haven't done anything with
it, but I thought I'd summarize some hilights from the newsletter and
other paper inserts that came with it.

- The DevCon browser is improved.  It's got better searching
  abilities, including boolean searches.  The searching is
  configurable, and it even flags syntax errors.
- The browser is WPS integrated.
- The browser's disk footprint has dropped from 6.1MB to 2.5MB.  The
  RAM footprint ("Working set") has dropped from 4.9MB to 1.8MB.  The
  load time (on a 486/33) has dropped from 45 seconds to 20 seconds.

And here is a brief summary of the newsletter articles:

Initializers and Destructors in SOM
   Metaware has a DirectToSOM C++ compiler in beta testing, and other
vendors (including IBM) are developing similar compilers.  To support
this, IBM has extended SOM with an enhanced kernel called ESOM.
Although ESOM is not an official IBM product, it's available through
the SOM support forums, under the name CSD202, for evaluation and
testing.  The rest of the article explains ESOM and hwo it is used
with C++.

Workplace OS/2: Just Good Old OS/2... For the PowerPC!
   This article explains a little about WPOS and briefly describes the
OS/2 personality for it.  According to the chart, the OS/2 personality
is 36.2% recompiled OS/2 sources, 22% existing OS/2 binaries (no
recompilation necessary), 21.2% new & changed unique code (new and
changed OS/2 code that is specific to WPOS), 15% licensed code (not
written by IBM, or written by IBM under license from an outside
company), 3.5% new & changed common code (new and changed code that
will be used by the Intel version as well), and 2.1% 16->32 conversion
code (current OS/2 code being upgraded from 16-bit to 32-bit).  The
categories are described in some detail.

Workplace OS/2 and OS/2 32-Bit API Strategy
   Much of the old Vio, AVio, Kbd and Mou calls have finally been made
32-bit and portable.  This article explains some of them.  The toolkit
patches needed to use these are included on the CD.  The following
significant changes are noted:
   - Registration, custom keyboard, and logical keyboar Kbd calls will
not be migrated to 32 bits.  Therefore, the KbdHandle fields in the
APIs will always be zero.
   - MouRegister and MouDeRegister will not be migrated.
   - Most USHORT operands have been changed to ULONG
   - All fields are on natural alignment.  This might change the size
of some structures.  It should only break code that has sizes
hardcoded instead of using the sizeof() operator.
   - Several names have been expanded.  (eg: VioScrollDN is not
VioScrollDown)  Defines have been provided for the new names.
   - Return codes have been changed from USHORT to APIRET (which is
currently a ULONG).

10 Tips to Effective Multimedia Programs.
   These are all described in detail in the article
   1- Never use a DOS API to access a multimedia file
   2- Use the MCI_OPEN_MMIO flag on MCI_OPEN or MCI_LOAD
   3- Support multimedia clipboard operations
   4- Use threads intelligently
   5- Share your multimedia devices
   6- Don't assume anything, use device capabilities
   7- Use shortcuts whenever possible
   8- Use the amp-mixer
   9- Use playlist for performance and advance functions
  10- Don't poll media control interface devices

New Developments for Taligent
   Nothing we don't already know from Usenet, but interesting reading,

OpenDoc Technology: Basic Concepts.
   Explains the basics of OpenDoc.  A demo toolkit is included in the

Bento Technology.
   This is the underlying technology that OpenDoc is based on.  It is
briefly described.  There is a comparison to OLE's storage mechanism.
The specs of Bento are on the CD, as is a copy of the Bento API.

SMART review
   The CD contains a beta of the Source Migration and Reporting Tool
(SMART) developed by One Up Corporation for IBM.  It's an OS/2 2.1 app
that can help you convert Windows 3.1 or OS/2 1.3 source code modules
to native OS/2 2.1 source code modules.  The article reviews SMART and
shows how it can be used to ease migration of an application.

The Shell Game - Alternative SHells for OS/2
   Explains why one would want to change the shell from WPS.  It then
explains four different ways to change the shell.  These are:
   - Subclass WPS objects to add functionality (Sample code is
included).  DeskMan/2 - a commercial product that does this to add
security is mentioned.
   - Change RUNWORKPLACE.  MShell is referred to, and is included on
the CD.
   - Replace PROTSHELL - TShell is mentioned and is included on the CD.

Avoiding the Build Lab Blues
   Tips and techniques for good management of a large project to avoid
staying up late every night rebuilding your system.

Communication Between OS/2 and WIN-OS/2 Processes
   Part 2 of an article started in the DevCon 2 newsletter.  It uses a
VDD for communication.  The DevCon 2 newsletter is on the CD.

Using Transforms in your PM Graphics Applications
   Describes matrix arithmetic, and how various transform matrices
affect graphics.  It also explains how Gpi uses them.

New Tricks for Dynamic Linking on the OS/2 2.x Operating System
   Part 2 of an article started in DevCon 2.
   Issues addressed here are:
   - Private or shared data
   - How to perform exception handling in a DLL
   - Wat is a resource DLL and how to use one

DDK Notes
   Nothing special.  A "Hi there" note from the DDK group.  The DevCon
newsletter will be shipped with future releases of the DDK CD-ROM.

Writing Device Drivers - Interrupts
   How to set up and use IRQs in device drivers.

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