HELP! Videodriver not working anymore...

HELP! Videodriver not working anymore...

Post by Petri Rautiaine » Tue, 21 Nov 1995 04:00:00

        Advice needed...

        Well, OS/2 Warp (blue spine) decided this morning, that my videocard
dosn't support SVGA modes anymore... it accepted only plain VGA mode.
(My card is a STB Trio64 2MB dram PCI). After playing along with it
for 3 hours, the only solution I found to "repair" this situation,
was to completely install WARP all over again.

        So, I would like to now, what the heck happend, and if it happens
again, is there any easier way to repair it...?

BTW Everytime, I tried to boot with any videomode other than VGA, I only
got SYS3175 in pmshell & pmmerge.dll


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