Resource font from DLL?

Resource font from DLL?

Post by Les Nove » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 02:08:00

I am writing a WPS program. This program requires a special custom font
with some custom symbols. I imagine the proper way to use the font is
to specify it in my .RC file, then call GpiLoadFonts when I need the
font. Unfortunately, GpiLoadFonts seems unable (as far as I can tell)
to load font resources from a DLL. I can't seem to find another function
capable of doing this. Can anyone help?

I have considered two alternatives:
1. GpiLoadFonts can load a font, given a path the a font filename. This seems
undesirable in an object, where the object should be a self-contained
entity which (for the most part) does not rely upon underlying disk structure.
2. I could load the font public at install. Problem with this is that
the font has special symbols and characters that really shouldn't be public
and wouldn't be useful to normal users.

Any other alternatives?

Thanks for your help...
Les Novell
DataMirage Software

PS: Please CC a copy to my email address


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