Guru question (maybe): LPT1 & DOS

Guru question (maybe): LPT1 & DOS

Post by Gregg Le Bla » Wed, 04 May 1994 03:19:50

I've been trying my darndest to get a MOD player for DOS to work for OS/2
in either a windowed or full screen session.  I've gotten it to work now,
and I can tell because the CPU usage goes up, but no sound comes out.
Here's the catch:

I'm using an LPT1 COVOX adaptor that leads to a set of amped speakers.

Ok here's the question:

How can I get the thing to play out of LPT1?  I have tweaked most all of
the settings in the DOS session to no avail (I finally got it so it
wouldn't crash the system today).  Is there a different MOD player to try
(DMPlay won't run due to no device for a COVOX...).  I'm using (or
trying to use) Multiplay.

So is there a solution?  Is it because of the printer driver?  If I remove
it or select another one will it work?

Why isn't there a MMPM device for an LPT1 COVOX?  People don't use their
printers ALL the time... besides I have a notebook, what the else am
I supposed to use?  The Pee Cee beeper?
[maniacal laughter enuses] HAHAHAHAHA!!!  ;-)


Please help kill this problem!  It really irks me right at this moment....

Thanks very much for any help!!!!



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:>I know one should print to LPT1.OS2 in Win-OS/2 for better
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:>WordPerfect 5.1 and the job printed, but would like some advice on
:>whether this is a smart thing to do--_Warp Unleashed_ only talked
:>about the .OS2 devices in conjunction with Windows.  Thanks!

For what it is worth I can tell you that I could only get the printing in WP
5.1 to work if I printed to LPT1.OS2. I think it is the right thing to doo
but maybe somebody with some more hard facts can fill in here.

Per M. Hansen
University of Roskilde

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