PM ANSI text editor?

PM ANSI text editor?

Post by David Vesse » Sun, 26 May 1996 04:00:00


One of the real hassles I ran into when trying to set up Adept XBBS
concerned editing the stock ANSI files that came with it.  I could not find
any ANSI text editors that were native OS/2, and the DOS editors I found
were annoying.

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1. Good PM Text Editor?

Does anyone know of a PM text editor that i can throw a couple hundred files
into, like Brief? I tried this with EPM and it seemed like my computer's
harddrive was going to go into outer space and i never was able to get the
editor to come up.

Thanks in Advance...

Junior R. Thompson
from West Milton, OH
using OS/2 Warp Connect

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