Can't re-install FP7 (Warp 4)

Can't re-install FP7 (Warp 4)

Post by Robert & Jennifer Kuropka » Fri, 11 Sep 1998 04:00:00


As I mentioned in another post, I'm trying to network to PC's and I'm
taking the opportunity to botch things up.

On my main PC, I have 5 OS's installed.  I was able to get the Win95
partition to recognize the Network card and ping itself.  Feeling
confident, I moved onto the OS/2 (Warp4) partition.  Like I fool, as I
went through the network setup, I decided to install some of the other
network tools, since I thought they might be usefull.  The end result
was that OS/2 would hang on reboot.  I had to 'Alt-F1' during the OS/2
boot to get anywhere.  After trying a few things, I decided it must have
been one of the other network packages I installed that was trying to do
something (unsuccessfully) and causing the hang.

Having made several mistakes already, I continued to capitalize on them
to increase the problems.  Eventually, I gave up, deleted a bunch of
directories, rebooted with a minmal config.sys, and did a selective
re-install from the original cd to get back most everything, this time
installing only the NIC driver and doing only the basic TCP/IP setup.
This worked, OS/2 recognized the card and ping itself.

So now I wanted to finish restoring things.  My assumption, here was,
since I re-installed from the CD, I was no longer at fix-pack7.  In
fact, I figured it was worse, I probably had some stuff at FP7 and some
at base install.  When I tried to reapply the fix pack I got the
following error:

An error occured while searching for files to update.  The reason may be
old or corrupt CSF logfiles, CSF_SEL.000 file or file system
corruption.  See README file for more information.

I looked through the readme file, deleted some files it mentioned, did a
chkdsk /F:3 (three times) on the c: drive (the first time it found and
fixed a couple errors). but still nothing.  The C: drive is approx. 4G.
When I do a ver /R or a syslevel, it appears to think it is still at

How can I clean this up???

Robert Kuropkat

P.S.  I was installing the fix pack from the hard disk (not floppies)
using the instructions I found on Warp City (?) web page.