Ami Pro 3.01

Ami Pro 3.01

Post by Ken Schol » Fri, 23 Jul 1993 01:16:22

Has anyone been able to acquire the Win-OS2 specific version to upgrade Ami
Pro from 3.0 to 3.01?  Are there any kind souls who live in Atlanta (to call
the Lotus BBS) or Compuserve?  Lotus Canada has informed us that we will be
not be able to get the upgrade for at least another month.  It would be nice
to see it show up on!!




Ami Pro 3.01

Post by Jeff Less » Fri, 23 Jul 1993 09:41:40

I ordered the Ami Pro Win-OS2 upgrade from Lotus Monday.  Is should have
it by the end of the week.  As soon as I get it I will send it up to  The only other way to get it is from CompuServe.  There is
no Lotus BBS.
World peace through Tex-Mex.
Jeff Lessem


1. Ami-Pro 3.0 to 3.01 Win-OS/2 Upgrade

As promised I uploaded the Lotus Ami-Pro 3.0 to 3.01 Upgrade kit that runs
under Win-OS/2 to; it is in the /os2/incoming directory, and
is named amiuos2-?.zip.
If there are any problems with the archives (i.e. zip errors) let me know.
If you have problems installing contact Lotus.

I am not affiliated with Lotus.
World peace through Tex-Mex.
Jeff Lessem

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