TE/2 1.20 and IRQ5.....eh?

TE/2 1.20 and IRQ5.....eh?

Post by Steve.With.. » Mon, 22 Jun 1992 19:09:37

I have two internal modems at the moment - for reasons too boring to

I have the second modem (purely arbitrary designation) on COM3/IRQ5. I can NOT
get a usable connect with TE/2 1.20. No where in any of the docs are IRQ's
even mentioned - I used the edit "find" function on "interrupt" and "IRQ".  

I have resorted to using TELIX in a DOS vdm - it works very well, but I would
prefer comms with a lower overhead.

Have i missed something? Or does TE/2 only support default IRQs.......Or is
OS/2 supposed to take care of this transparently?



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1. TE/2 1.20 has a serious flaw

That flaw is light colored backgrounds don't work worth snot.  I had
problems with TE/2 1.10 and light colored backgrounds, and I thought with
the new te2 color program that things would surely be better.  Nope.

The problem is that all new lines added to the bottom of the screen have a
black background.  Then the characters printed on the line have the desired
color scheme.  The rest of the line that has no data stays black!  This
looks so ugly it's incredible.

I am severely disappointed with this.  It looked promising for a brief
moment.  I refuse to use a package that can't be configured to use a light
background.  It's probably one of those packages that resets to white on
black when it receives a <esc>[0m.  That's my second biggest gripe.

Looks like Softerm and Qmodem for me....  If Qmodem didn't slow down other
DOS process so much, I wouldn't need a new comm program.  Sigh.

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