Netware for OS/2, comments and info requested....

Netware for OS/2, comments and info requested....

Post by Gart » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 06:01:55

    I'm considering using setting up a Netware server under OS/2 for our
office lan.  I would be very appreciative if anyone out there who has
had experience running Netware under OS/2 could recommend some good sources
of information on the subject, either on-line or books.  Also if anyone can
tell me how stable this configuration would be it would be very helpful.
Thanx in advance.



1. A history of OS/2 --Comments Requested

A common misperception, possibly due to confusion between "OS/2" and "PS/2".
OS/2 most certainly did *not* require a PS/2; I ran OS/2 1.0 - 1.3 on my
PC AT, which has the PC AT bus rather than the Microchannel Architecture
(MCA) bus used by the original PS/2's.  (Side note - the AT bus was later
dubbed the ISA (Industry Standard Architecture) bus by manufacturers who
didn't want to acknowledge that it was IBM's innovation.)

It introduced Presentation Manager (PM), which is OS/2's GUI.  The WPS is
OS/2's object-oriented desktop, which wasn't introduced until 2.0.

Which is when OS/2 started to get really good...

HPFS and installable file systems made their first appearance in
OS/2 1.2.  HPFS came out of Microsoft.


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