More on Describe - default settings

More on Describe - default settings

Post by drk.. » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 10:29:49

        As I experiment with this program, I'm finding that it's wonderfully
rich in features and customizability, but I have to question the way it's set
up out of the box.
        The first thing I did was to assign CTRL-B/I/U/=/- to toggle bold,
italics, underline, superscript and subscript.  These are such common
operations that I think they should have been set that way to begin with.
Some people pointed out to me that I could set the shortcut key for attributes
by simply adding them to the menu manager entries.  For the effects, however
(super/subscript), I had to write macros because the menu entries don't
toggle effects on and off (you have to set the text to normal).
        So far I've made also made a macro for Insert From Clipboard, which
is how I think Paste should normally operate (especially for touch-typists).
There is a custom tool for this, but the menu and keyboard managers can't
activate custom tool default actions.  I think that either they should be able
to, or the toolbar should also support keyboard shortcuts.
        I'm undecided about the way paragraph styles can vary within a single
paragraph.  I suppose this added flexibility might be useful in some cases
(though I'm not sure how), but it's bothersome if you're used to having them
automatically affect the entire paragraph.
        Any word on that equation editor?



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