Plus Hardcard II

Plus Hardcard II

Post by Elliott Chap » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

A few weeks ago we acquired a free AT including a  Hardcard II 80
 (Plus Development Corp.) as it's secondary hard drive. I've moved the
hardcard into the 386 (running OS/2) but have not found a driver.
In the documentation the files are called "atos2hc2.sys" and
"p2msg.exe." Plus Development's listed phone number is disconnected,
and I suspect they're out of business. I've looked around "the Net" without
finding these files. Can anybody help?



1. Plus Hardcard II and Dual Boot

Has anyone successfully installed a Plus Hardcard II XL105 in
an OS2 2.0 system as the second hard drive with dual boot?
Os2 2.0 installed fine on a spare 40meg IDE drive that I Had
but most of my files are on a Plus hardcard.  
I must boot dos 5.0 to use WordPerfect!  This is crazy.
That is, I cannot shell out to a dos session from OS2 and
have access to my D: drive (SYS039).  I can look at my
files, etc but any disk access is verboten.. even a simple copy
command does not work.  
I tried using the OS2 1.3 configuration with the Plus Hardcard.
It did not work since it cannot find the correct files to
Since this card does require a driver for dos, I guess I need
an updated driver? I called the Plus bulletin board. No joy.
I called Plus and left a message but I am hoping someone
knows how to solve this problem.

Thanks for you help

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