HELP: OS/2 beta wont install from SCSI CD-ROM to IDE Hard drive

HELP: OS/2 beta wont install from SCSI CD-ROM to IDE Hard drive

Post by Divya Sundar » Sat, 06 Mar 1993 01:09:27

Hi all,

I am trying to install the OS/2 2.1 beta from the CD ROM (a Texel 3024 on a
Future Domain 1660 controller at IRQ 10) to an IDE hard drive Caviar 2200
(203 MB) (Uses IRQ 14).

It seems that the install will copy to about 60% of the files and then say
that it is time for the OS/2 system configuration "remove the floppy from
the drive and press enter to start OS/2 system configuration" (or some such)

I faithfully comply ... at this point the system reboots and comes up saying
that it cannot find os2krnl and to insert a system diskette and restart the

I would like any advice regarding this ... I had heard that if you try doing
a lot of data transfer from a SCSI device to a IDE (or vice versa) the computer
hangs .... what can I do to prevent this, or is this a fact of life ...

Any and all help is MUCH appreciated ....


Phone:  Office - 517-355-3265


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