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What are the following files good for:





1. Utilities to clean, repare and backup OS/2 Registry (registry.dat, boot.dat and dos.dat)

Dear Friends:

After trying to install (unsuccessfully) Lotus SmartSuite for OS/2, I
realized that I wasn't protected as I thought with my WPS, Desktop and
OS2*.INI maintenance and repair utilities. Now, after Warp's 3.0
=46ixpack 26, it was necessary to maintain, repair and to backup the
"registry" too!!!

Does somebody know of an utility to repair, maintain and to backup the
registry files (boot.dat, dos.dat and registry.dat)? How do they work?
Are they redundant to the information contained in the OS2*.INI files?
Are they supposed to replace them?

Any hint?

Juan I. Cahis
Santiago de Chile (South America)

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Note: Please forgive me for my bad English, I am trying to improve it!

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