SyQuest 270Mb Drivers Needed

SyQuest 270Mb Drivers Needed

Post by Simon Cousi » Tue, 25 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Can anyone help out with a URL for drivers to get the SyQuest 270Mb
Cartridge Drive (SCSI) up into WarpConnect?

E-mail is appreciated.

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SyQuest 270Mb Drivers Needed

Post by rac.. » Tue, 01 Aug 1995 04:00:00

>>Can anyone help out with a URL for drivers to get the SyQuest 270Mb
>>Cartridge Drive (SCSI) up into WarpConnect?

>>E-mail is appreciated.

>You can find drivers for the SQ3270S on
>in /os2/drivers/


Hey will this work for the Syquest 105 tooo???????

Warp is light years ahead of Windoze 9?? fatware and vaporware.....!
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1. A few questions concerning Syquest 270MB drives under Warp...

I'm considering purchasing a Syquest 270MB drive but there are a couple
of things I'd like to know first.  According to the documentation in the new
Syquest drivers on hobbes, a cartridge can be partitioned only if OS/2 is
booted from a primary partition.  Does it mean then that it is possible
to format the cartridge as HPFS?  If not, then are the extended attributes
saved when copying files, say, through the WPS?  Now, on my machine OS/2
is on a logical drive which means that I can only use the cartridge as a big
floppy.  What are the limitations of this big floppy other than not being able
to partition and/or put HPFS on it?  Are the extended attributes saved on that
floppy like they are on a conventional floppy?  Finally, are there any speed
difference between the two format, partitioned and big floppy?

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