Example IAK script ...for PPP or SLIP

Example IAK script ...for PPP or SLIP

Post by James M Hammo » Wed, 12 Apr 1995 04:00:00

Can anyone email me or post an example script that have
got to work to connect to their internet provider please?

Using the unix shell with them is no problem, but since most
of the providers customers use windows, they haven't yet
sorted my problem out.

When the modem connects there are about 6 lines of welcome text, and then:

CISNETblazer login: ********  etc..

I'm using a USR 28.8 V.34 Sportster if that helps with a Pentium-90

Any help would be great!




1. help: SLIP script --> PPP script

Hi, could someone please tell me parameter for  'parse arg interface'.

I am trying to covert the following statement on my PPP script, but it
won't work like in my SLIP script.

        parse arg interface , username password my_IP_address


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