ZIP drive and Winos2 problems

ZIP drive and Winos2 problems

Post by Tony Candel » Wed, 11 Jun 1997 04:00:00

When I try to access zip tools in winos2 the system freezes and I have to

I use warp 4 but had the same problem w/ warp 3.  This problem occours
about 75% of the time.  Anyone w/ Ideas?


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I have a Paralell ZIP drive at work, and when opening a folder, it displays the ICON's much faster than my SCSI ZIP drive at home.  Both run under Warp 4.0.  My Work machine is a 486 DX2-66, with 16 MB of RAM, while my home computer is a Pentium-120 with 32 MB of RAM.  Why would the SCSI ZIP drive be slower at displaying ICON's? Especially since my home computer blows away my work computer in performance!

Please e-mail any suggestions or answers.  Thanks!

- Bruce Garlock

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