PM-Weather (TCPIP Socket app) beta with Proxy support

PM-Weather (TCPIP Socket app) beta with Proxy support

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BETA Version 1.5b of the program is available for download from my
WEB Page at

Proxy support should be configured just like you would the
IBM Web Explorer Proxy settings.

Also now supports many Canadian cities and some Australian cities in
addition to the US coverage.

David DuPre


1. PM-Weather 1.31 (Utility to view Weather info)

PM-Weather for OS/2 Warp gives you easy access to text forecast and images for US cities from
the internet.  If your interested,
below is how you can get the latest version:

(Current release is version 1.31)
Date: 3-19-96  - If you have an older version, download the newer one from:
or you can FTP it from  (soon)    look in directory '/incoming' or

Version 1.31 Updates --------------
1. Focus change from text viewer to Image viewer is fixed.
2. Multiple Image Viewer windows are allowed.
3. Save Image to File is available, click mouse button 2
        on the image you wish to save.
4. LOGO screen will automatically dismiss itself in registered
5. Help file can be viewed from the Menu.
6. Weather Robot included for automatic text forecast download
        to file.  Handles many cities at once, each to it's
        own filename.
7. Updated INSTALL.CMD to add ICON for WEATHER Robot.
(No new cities or countries in this version.)

  PMWEATHER is now multi-threaded.  The download is done in a separate thread, this allows
you to Cancel a download and restart.  Also, lets the program recover from download hangs.

Automatic refresh is now available, just set the OPTIONS for the
interval you desire sit back and watch.

Setting the image to the Desktop Background.  This is more flexible
now with choices of Normal, Scaled, and Tiled.

FIREWALL support:

   I need documentation on how to write this correctly.  I know there
is a user defined port, and TCPIP address. I can add that to the
program, but I don't know what conversation must happen with the
FIREWALL to let my session through.
   (I can make it work across IBM's TCPGATE2, because that is the one we have at work.  But
I don't know about other FIREWALLs.)

David DuPre -   Certified OS/2 Warp Engineer,
                OS/2 LAN Server Administrator
                423-825-1941 voice
                423-825-1267 fax

(To request latest information on PMWEATHER just EMAIL me with
the word PMWEATHER in the subject.  The latest canned reply with
details about the product will be sent to you.)

David DuPre'   <><  -  Certified OS/2 WARP Engineer
Certified OS/2 Lan Server Administrator
Author of:  PMWEATHER, PM-Weather-Robot
VOICE: 423-825-1941     FAX: 423-825-1267

Home page URL is:

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