Copy 'bad' partition

Copy 'bad' partition

Post by ser.. » Sat, 20 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I had a similar problem a few years ago where the drive controller gave
up the ghost.  Managed to restore the partition enough to copy the data
[left the apps] thanks to GammaTech's utilities by Softouch.  Great tech
support.  This may sound like an ad, and so be it, I owe them one
because the data was new and not backed up.

Address was Oklahoma City, 1800-944-3028.

Good luck.



1. Today's TELNET Maintenance is BAD BAD BAD

At in the ps/products/tcpip/fixes directory
hierarchy, a new TELNET update was posted earlier today.  I've downloaded
it twice to make sure I REALLY got what is REALLY there.  And yes, I had
BINARY turned on.  The file is bad.  First of all, it's not an OS/2
executable; all the other updates in that directory structure are OS/2
executables.  Second, executing it locked my system up hard.  Three times
(I'm stubborn). No mouse response (moved but no response to either
button), no keyboard response, clock stopped on WARP Center, no Watchcat,
no Ctrl+Esc, not even Ctrl+Alt+Del.  At least Ctrl+Alt+NumLock+NumLock
worked, which then let me give the 3 finger salute.  Followed immediately
by the one finger salute!

Team OS/2 Cincinnati & PROUD OF IT!

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