DOS apps refuse to run in a window

DOS apps refuse to run in a window

Post by Juergen Gath » Sun, 15 Oct 1995 04:00:00

Hi all !
I recently switched from DOS to OS/2 and still need some DOS-Apps.
The problem is that most of these Apps refuse to run either in a
Window or continue to run in the background when I switch back
to the desktop. I get:
"The system does not support this sessions video mode in a window"
Strange enough this does not happen if I use the standard VGA-driver,
but with the driver for my Video-Card this happens in every
What could be the problem and how can I solve it ?

System: P-100, DiamondStealth 64 Video 2MB VRAM, 16 MB RAM,
             OS2 with Fixpack 10, S3-driver for 968



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recognised as programs. Instead of having the DOS-style icon, they show
up as white and blue boxes, and when I double click them the settings
notebook starts up.
No amount of twiddling the setings seems to be able to fix this, and
the only solution seems to be to call it from a batch file...
Some of the programs doing this have been MORAY (latest version) and
Jazz Jackrabbit.
What's going on?!

Greg Trounson

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